the 13th Eurasia Glass Fair

In a remarkable event from November 11-14, 2023, the 13th Eurasia Glass Fair unfolded, featuring the distinguished Iranian Pavilion. The primary objective was enhancing export relations with Turkey and to illuminate the vast potential and capabilities inherent in Iran’s thriving glass industry. Orchestrated under the auspices of Avaye Movafagh Iranian Company, the exclusive agent of the Eurasia Glass Fair, this exhibition stood as a testament to the prowess of Iranian glass craftsmanship.


Distinguished as one of the globe’s premier glass industry gatherings, the Eurasia Glass Fair provided an invaluable platform for nations and companies engaged in glass production. Beyond a mere showcase of products, it served as a nexus for fostering international connections and delving into untapped markets. The event echoed with the collaborative spirit of nations, united in their quest to not only exhibit their finest glass innovations but also to explore and conquer new horizons in the global glass market.

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